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Compressive Microvibration: aesthetic medicine 2020/2021 trends.

Compressive Microvibration: aesthetic medicine 2020/2021 trends.

Compressive microvibration, friend of women to say goodbye to cellulite and imperfections of the face and body.

Compressive Microvibration: aesthetic medicine 2020/2021 trends.

 The compressive microvibration is today the most popular treatment to permanently delete cellulites and imperfection of the face and body. It is effective in the treatment of pathologies related to the lymphatic system in tissue sassing, in the firming the muscle groups ( for effect of stimulation of microblasts in the production of collagene) and, also, in the hated effect of the orange peel, caused by cellulite. This is possible thanks to microvibration technique, that allows you to work on the body through the process of reactiviting the correct physiological and natural conditions process, that by doing so, allows you else the tissue remodeling.

Compressive microvibration aesthetic medicine 2020/2021 to say goodbye to cellulite. But what is the cellulite and what are its causes?

Cellulite is an inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue presents under the skin, to protect us from mechanical trauma; it performs the function of thermal insulator and represents a nutritional reserve on wich the organism draws in case of need.

Compressive Microvibration: aesthetic medicine 2020/2021 trends.

The quantity of adipose panniculus varies based on the constitution of the subject, hormonal balance, eating habits and sex. It is also different in different parts of the body: more abundant on the buttocks and hips in women or even on the truckand it tends to increase around 40-50 years of age. We can distinguish into “hot cellulite” and “cold cellulite”

The “hot cellulite” , more frequent in young people and/ or overweight subjects, is characterized by the presence of adipose tissue. The cold cellulite is caused by the reduction of microcircolation and the increase of toxic substances in circulation. This second type of cellulite is typical of those with venous insufficiency with painful legs, of more sedentary subjects and”slippers”, of girls taking pills, o of long- standing cellulite never cured.

Compressive microvibration in sports and aesthetic medicine. For lymphatic drainage and re- compacting of the tissue, anti age and not only.trends 2020/2021.

Today the compressive microvibration is utilized not only in aesthetic medicine, but also in traumatology and sports medicine. Acting on pain receptors, it allows us to eliminate it in a short time and to reduce tessues inflammation through its action wich improves oxygenation.

Compressive Microvibration: aesthetic medicine 2020/2021 trends.

It is about a no – invasive treatment wich produces a psychophisical well-being similar to massage. After the treatment you feel more relaxed and light. Skincare effect: smoth and relaxed skin and significant redution of signs of aging, breakdown of adipose tissues, muscle toning, remodeling , vascularization and tissue drainage.

The compressive microvibration replaces the old systems based on aspiration and traction of the tessues with compression and vibration.

Its pantented system includes a handpiece made up of more then allergenics silicone spheres, wich generating low frequency mechanical microvibration, they act on: aggregates of fat cells, lymphatic stasis and accumulations of fluids.

Some systems are even able to recognize the level of the problem and apply the appropriate therapy accordingly in a personalized way.

Compressive Micrivibration: the most advanced treatment technique in sports and aesthetic medicine to try.

Compressive Microvibration: aesthetic medicine 2020/2021 trends.


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