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Make up - the spring summer 2021 colors.
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Make up - the spring summer 2021 colors.

Make up - the spring summer 2021 colors.


Make up with a high mask proof and no transfer power, are the must have of the beauty products for spring summer 2021, necessarily approves of mask.

Make up - the spring summer 2021 colors.

The products dedicated to highlighting the gaze are the “privileged” of the new season, also required in mask- proof and no transfer version, therefore difficult to remove.

 Make up, the spring summer 2021 colors. Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey of Pantone tinged of optimism and solidity also the beauty.

The Pantone colors launch an important message, let’s discover today on Must Beauty the spring summer 2021 make up and the the proposals that jump your gaze by illuminating it.

The colors chosen by Pantone this year are two: iluuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey. Two tone in a chromatic combination for a message of optimism for 2021.

Make up - the spring summer 2021 colors.

The spring summer 2021 make up tinged with optimism that accentuates, now as never before, the attention on the gaze, withexpress waistline focused on yhe eyes in a moment in wich the lips and the cheeks fade into the background.

Illuminating Yellow, brilliant and optimistic for the eye make- up that illuminates the eyes in an elegant way and also to indulge in modern and super glam grafhics.

Make up - the spring summer 2021 colors.

The dusty shades of gray (Ultimate Grey). are insteadd in a climate of firmness and solidity.

Make up, the spring summer 2021 colors. Eye liner and mascara for a graphic and captivating eye make- up.

Indispensable, and timeless, the final touch of make- up, in the spring smmer 2021, is that of eye liner and mascara.

Graphic eye make- up is defined by intense and captivating eyeliner.

Mascara certainllly cannot be missing to complete the make- up and the spring summer 2021 enhances the look with volumizing and lengthening mascara

The favorite shade is undoubtely the black one and, obviously, waterproof!

The wonderful JLO interpreted her spring summer make up in both versions: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey. Let’s discover it together.

Spring summer 2021 make- up: colors and optimism for a beauty always at the top!

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